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Floating Less Waste - protect the environment with us and get a 15% discount

Are you going to Floating with us? Take all the necessary things with you and reduce the amount of waste generated!

What is worth taking to a Floating session in the spirit of less waste:
- own slippers, instead of disposable ones available on site,
- own shampoo and shower gel/soap, instead of those provided on site,
- your own towel, instead of the one available on site (towels are washed after a single use, which increases water consumption),
- your own makeup remover and cotton pads instead of those available on site,
- your own earplugs (there are many reusable options on the market), instead of the disposable ones available on site.

Inform about your willingness to take advantage of the discount before the start of the session, and preferably when making a reservation 😊

Last Minute! Make a reservation at a lower price!

Every day between 21.30 and 22.00 on our social media (Facebook,Instagram) we provide information about the hours of the next day, you can use the Floating session at a lower price. 


If you are a free spirit ;) and you do not like to plan your visits in advance and you visit us "by surprise" this is the perfect offer for you.  


Price list:

60-minute session for one person - PLN 127,50 

Session 60 minutes for two - PLN 229,50

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Promotion of the month!

So as not to overstayIf you do not want to accept any offers, please click Follow on our accounts.Facebook andInstagram!

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