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Foot reflexology- is a holistic treatment that treats a human being as the unity of the soul, body, mind and emotions. It is an effective and safe method of therapy known already in ancient China and Egypt, consisting in restoring the balance of the body by stimulating specific points (reflexes) on the feet that are connected with all glands, organs and parts of the body.


  • adds energy and vitality

  • stimulates the body to heal itself

  • positive effect on the work of internal organs

  • painkillers

  • helps in the treatment of allergies

  • helps in the treatment of juvenile acne

  • helps with asthma, migraines and depression

Contraindications for the procedure:

  • varicose veins,

  • infectious diseases,

  • foot ulcer or athlete's foot

  • acute and chronic infections with high fever,

  • osteoporosis,

  • diabetes.

Foot reflexology 60'                                         150 PLN

Foot reflexology + moxa 90'                           200 PLN

Foot reflexology + ear conching 100'             200 PLN

Foot reflexology + cupping 90'                       200 PLN

Masaż twarzy

Face and head reflexology- Reflexology of the face and head introduces a state of pleasant calmness. It is not only a healing and relaxing treatment, but also a beautifying one. The process of self-regulation of the body is also started. During the massage, your body secretes endorphins (happiness hormone), serotonin and other so-called. neurotransmitters. Thanks to these hormones, your well-being improves, you feel deeply calm and you counteract depression. A gentle facial massage stimulates the brain, stimulates the processes of self-regulation and self-healing, and regulates the energy of the body. It improves the functioning of the immune, endocrine and nervous systems. 

A very relaxing treatment, we recommend making an appointment for the evening hours and not planning any "special missions" immediately after the treatment.


  • It restores the glow of the face, makes the epidermis more elastic, stimulates blood circulation and lifts the skin

  • starts the body's self-healing processes

  • strengthens internal organs and all parts of the body

  • calms and calms down

  • introduces a deep state of relaxation and stress relief

  • improves the work of the mind


  • psychophysical fatigue

  • depression, anxiety states

  • insomnia

  • the occurrence of diseases of the facial nerve

  • as a therapy to relieve pain and improve psychophysical condition in chronic diseases

  • problems with concentration and remembering

  • headaches, migraines, trismus, etc.

Face and head reflexology 90'                       200 PLN

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