Face and head massage

Face, neck and décolletage massage is a great form of relaxation and a great way to keep a youthful appearance. The massage soothes the skin, improves its color and provides excellent oxygenation. In combination with a properly selected cosmetic, it makes it elastic, smoothes and lifts. The skin is smooth, oxygenated, and the wrinkles are visibly reduced. By improving blood and lymph circulation, it reduces the effect of "tired face". In addition, it helps to eliminate headaches and neck stiffness. Regularly used massage guarantees unbelievable results and visible improvement of skin condition.


Treatment effects:

  • restoring a beautiful, healthy and young appearance of the skin

  • shallow furrows and fine wrinkles

  • increasing skin tension and elasticity

  • improving the condition of the muscles

Face, neck and cleavage massage 30'          90 PLN

Face massage 30'                                            80 PLN

Masaż twarzy

Head massage is a relaxing treatment that has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, scalp and mood. Head massage can help with headache or neck pain, but it will also deal with stress, fatigue, bad mood and baldness. Regularly performed head massage stimulates hair bulbs, stimulating growth of strands.


Treatment effects:

  • improvement of hair condition

  • mood improvement

  • headache reduction

  • stimulation of the hair roots

Head massage 30'                                           80 PLN

Head and face massage 50'                         100 PLN

Masaż twarzy

Kobido massage is a face, neck and décolletage massage based on the tradition of Chinese medicine. It is a unique form of massage art which means "Ancient Path to Beauty". Most facial massage methods work on the surface of the face. Kobido, through the complexity and intensity of techniques, works on the deeper layers of our skin and muscles. The massage session begins with smooth and gentle movements that aim to relax the patient in order to relieve tension. Characteristic for the Kobido massage technique is the stage of deep relaxation, lymphatic drainage, face lifting and acupressure. Kobido is recommended for people of all ages, in the case of young skin it will prevent the formation of the first wrinkles, while in the case of mature skin it will shape the contours of the face and stimulate the production of natural ingredients. Kobido massage is known as "non-surgical face lift".


Treatment effects:

  • Muscle relaxation, which components of the muscles of expression lines

  • reducing the effects of skin aging

  • Stimulation of cellular metabolism, which contributes to faster skin regeneration

  • Stimulating the production of natural skin - collagen and elastin

  • Reducing excessive tension around the area, chest and face oval

Kobido massage 60'                                     200 PLN