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Classic massage

Classic massage, also known as Swedish massage, is the most commonly used massage. It has a positive effect on well-being, removes fatigue, reduces excessive muscle tension. Thanks to the use of appropriate techniques, it stimulates the circulatory system, facilitates the removal of harmful metabolic products by the body, strengthens muscles, bones and joints. It promotes the regeneration of strength and eliminates the negative effects of stress. Used regularly, it prevents skin aging and sagging, firms the muscles and improves health, and becomes an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Depending on the needs, the classic massage can be a full body massage or focus on the back.

When to use classic massage?

  • in case of fatigue and tense muscles,

  • with little movement and a sedentary lifestyle,

  • if you live under stress and rush,

  • with trouble sleeping.

What are the benefits of classic massage?

  • improves mood,

  • reduces stress and its negative effects, including insomnia, headache, neuralgia,

  • removes fatigue,

  • reduces excessive muscle tension,

  • rejuvenates, firms and smoothes the skin.

Classic massage 30'                   110 PLN

Classic massage 60'            160 PLN

Classic massage 80'                  190 PLN

3x Classic massage 60'             460 PLN

5x Classic massage 60'            720 PLN

10x Classic massage 60'         1360 PLN

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